The Role of Digital Signage in Transport

Digital signage is very important for many sectors but none more than the transport sector which can make use of digital signs in a variety of ways. Airports, bus and coach stations, bus stops, railway stations, trains, ferry terminals and ferries can all benefit and enhance the experience of travellers. Here are some of the main uses of digital signage in transport:

1. Timetable and Live Information.
Timetables can be shown on digital screens and easily be updated with even bus stop timetables being able to use digital signage in the form of e-ink digital bus stops. It is clearly beneficial to use digital signage for timetables as they can all be updated at any time remotely but digital screens become a necessity when it comes to live travel information which is changinhg all the time and includes things like platform/gate numbers, expected departure times, boarding times, delays, cancellations, etc.

Digital Advertising Totem Display

2. Safety and other useful information.
Apart from for the actual travel information there is a lot of other useful information that can be conveyed to travellers via digital screens. This could range from important safety information to other useful information such as the weather.

3. Wayfinding
Helping passengers get to where they need to be to is very important. This could be directing passengers when they arrive at an airport or railway station or after their journey where they need to find such things as baggage claims, taxi ranks, etc or maybe during their journey in the case of a ferry journey for example. Clear signage is needed amd interactive or static layouts can both be extremely effective in displaying location information, creating an engaging and informative experience for the passenger.

Western Ferries squareVIEW
Western Ferries – Sound of Soay – squareVIEW Digital Signage Installation with NEC Screens

4. Entertainment and Advertising
During travel travel people spend a lot of time waiting around at airports, stations, bus stops, etc. Digital signage can be well used here as travellers are a captive audience and very likely to engage with digital screens, especially if the content being displayed is eye-catching and entertaining. Entertaining content can help pass the time for waiting passengers while advertising displays are a great opportunity to push sales.

It can be seen that digital signage has an important role to play in transport. For more information or advice on any digital signage project please contact us.