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Ultra High Definition (4K) Display with car configuration tool. Built around the NEC UHD Display this 80″ display linked to the iPad device allows users to create and view their next vehicle in real time with precise detail and colour replication.

Specialist Screen Displays

Intelligent AR style application that does much more than just overlay information. Location based information delivered at the right time, up pops your boarding pass when you arrive at the airlines gate, reminder to switch off your phone before stepping on the plane and much more.

Products and Technologies that you may not have thought of.

Digital Media Systems prides itself in being a leading technology provider. We work hard to ensure that your project takes advantage of new technologies that are available. However, we are conscious that “all that glitters ain’t gold.” So, we take new and emerging products and put them through their paces, rooting out anything that we think isn’t long term. Our customers know that we only provide solutions that can survive and be supported for at least 3 to 5 years.

Here are some products you may not have thought of:

Extron Control Systems
Extron manufactures computer-video interfaces, switchers, configurable control systems, distribution amplifiers, computer-video scan converters, scalers, signal processing equipment, and high resolution cables. These products are used to integrate computer, video, and audio into presentation displays for today’s boardrooms, presentation/training centers, university lecture halls, and other applications.

Transparent Displays
Display and showcase all merchandise on this stunning and highly transparent virtual display. Its innovative quality display will attract attention and sales.

Transparent DisplaysIt provides all the components necessary to install and operate a transparent display in a single, all-in-one solution. This all-inclusive package, which includes a built-in PC, speakers, LED bar, protective glass and cables, eliminates the hassle and expense of purchasing additional display components. The kit also creates a neater, more appealing, immersive, display environment.

Interactive 40” Table
Interactive Table Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft® Pixelsense™. Changing the way consumers interact with your digital content and your brand. Suited to a wide range of industries and applications, the Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft® PixelSense™ was created with various target industries in mind: retail, hospitality, automotive, healthcare, financial services, professional services, education and public sectors. It will change the way people interact with information and each other. The Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft® PixelSense™ can help them communicate, collaborate, consult and connect; make education more entertaining and make content more engaging. You can also transform the shopping experience, immerse users in games and pastimes, and enhance the business practices with a new platform in office communications. Create a deeper connection with clients, customers and colleagues.

DYNASCAN 360°  LED Tube Displays
A Revolutionary Display – the DynaScan 360° LED video displays are cylindrical, allo360 Displaywing viewing from all angles, helping to ensure your message is clearly seen by your target audience. DynaScan displays offer an attractive, ultra bright, high contrast, high resolution alternative to conventional two dimensional displays. With a pixel pitch of merely 2mm, DynaScan displays provide an image far clearer than any other LED video display on the market today. Best of all they are available as indoor or outdoor units.

DYNASCAN Ultra HIGH BRIGHT Sunlight Viewable
With maximum brightness ratings up to 5,000 cd/m², DynaScan High Brightness LCDs produce a sunlight viewable image which may easily be seen in storefront windows and other brightly lit indoor environments.
DynaScan utilizes a proprietary, patented LED local dimming backlighting technique. Darker areas of an image receive less backlighting than lighter areas resulting in incredible contrast as high as 1,000,000:1 (dynamic).
LED back lighting is far more energy efficient than traditional CCFL backlights.  DynaScan high brightness LCDs consume very little power, saving money on operational costs. DynaScan’s proprietary Thermal Management System transfers heat generated by the display away from high temperature areas without the use of any fans* for silent, worry-free operation.

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