Digital Signage Screens at Festival Theatre Edinburgh
Festival Theatre – Edinburgh
Digital Signs National Express
National Express - Stanstead Airport
Digital Advertising Displays at Yankee Candle
Yankee Candle – Arndale Centre Manchester
Digital Signage Display at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group – London

Digital Signage

Digital Signs for effective digital advertising and communication – easy to update

A Digital Signage solution is made up of three basic components; Display, Media Player & Control Software. Digital Signage can be used for digital advertising and very effective communication across many sectors including retail, fast food, public transport and employee communications. When implemented correctly, with engaging content, results in a high message recall rate and increased sales. For outdoor digital advertising screens see Outdoor Screens.

Our squareVIEW Digital Signage solutions are available in three configurations:

  • squareVIEW Standalone: This solution has a built in high definition media player which is updated using a USB memory stick. These ‘all-in-one’ commercial grade digital screens are ideal where content does not need to be updated remotely or network access is not available.
  • squareVIEW Network: The powerful yet easy to use, Drag ‘n’ Drop, Composer software gives you the power to create eye catching and dynamic content. Finished projects can then be distributed to any number of screens on your IT Network. An amazingly simple solution when you need to update displays immediately or schedule to play content in the future. All fully managed from the comfort of your desk.
  • squareVIEW DSA: Secure cloud based Digital Signage accessed using any Internet enabled device. Upload content to the secure portal, create or edit a playlist, target & deploy content to any number of displays anywhere in the country, continent or the world! The powerful management console allows numerous authorised users to securely collaborate on projects before publishing to the displays… wherever they are.

The Benefits of Digital Signage Systems

Better Communication

Using digital signs you can communicate messages in an instant using various media formats. Messages delivered using digital displays have a recall rate of up to 65% more than traditional formats.


Use Digital Signage way finding, Digital Menu Boards, internal communications, departure lounge information, promotional messages to customers, store front advertising, meeting room booking information and much more.


With digital screens you can quickly target and update as many screens, in as many locations as you have within seconds, freeing you up to focus on other core areas of your business.

Cost Saving

Using digital signs can help reduce the need for printed materials, which can dramatically cut costs especially in retail, QSR’s, restaurants, education and corporate environments.


squareVIEW Digital signage allows you to use a variety of media formats to communicate messages, it allows you to update messages instantly, change layouts for displaying the information and apply different uses for different environments. Your signage can also be controlled by mobile devices and external sources, subject to configuration.

Day Parting / Scheduling

The information you want to show in the morning may be different to what you want to show in the afternoon or evening, use Digital Signage to set schedules to display specific information at set times during the day automatically. Content can be scheduled months in advance of when it is to be displayed.

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