Digital Signage in Leicester

While our headquarters are situated in West Yorkshire, our services extend across the nation, offering cutting-edge digital signage solutions throughout the UK. Leicester and its surrounding areas have been a focal point of our operations, with numerous successful projects completed to the utmost satisfaction of our clients. Renowned for the quality and reliability of our products, coupled with our unwavering commitment to comprehensive ongoing support, we have garnered a reputation for excellence in Leicester and beyond. We eagerly anticipate further opportunities to showcase our expertise in digital signage in Leicester. Below, we highlight a selection of compelling projects we’ve executed in the Leicestershire region:

1. We provided a robust 46″ Single Sided weather and vandal-resistant display screen designed specifically for outdoor advertising and promotion of local events. This solution was tailored to meet the needs of Oadby and Wigston Borough Council, serving as a reliable replacement for previously installed enclosures supplied by Armagard. Our upgraded display not only withstands harsh weather conditions but also ensures long-lasting performance, enhancing the council’s ability to effectively communicate with the community regarding upcoming events and initiatives.

2. We implemented a comprehensive outdoor IP56 weather and vandal-resistant Digital Signage Display at Oadby Centre, located in Leicestershire. This installation features our highly sought-after 46″ Single Sided monolith design, renowned for its durability and reliability in challenging outdoor environments. Our solution ensures seamless communication and promotion capabilities for the Oadby Centre, empowering them to engage with visitors effectively while withstanding the rigors of outdoor conditions.

3. We introduced a cutting-edge Single Sided 46″ Outdoor Digital Signage screen equipped with advanced thermal and solar management features, alongside a comprehensive health monitoring control unit seamlessly integrated within. This innovative solution serves as a significant upgrade from the previous ‘screen in a box’ approach, which was supplied by another purported ‘specialist company’. Our solution not only enhances performance and durability but also offers unparalleled control and monitoring capabilities, ensuring optimal functionality and reliability in outdoor environments.

Freestanding monolith Outdoor Digital Sign Wigston Town Centre 46 inch screen

We offer an extensive array of digital signage solutions, encompassing outdoor screens, informational displays, retail digital window showcases, menu boards, digital easels, interactive whiteboards, and beyond. Our comprehensive support ensures seamless integration and operation, and we also offer screen rental services. Whether you’re based in Leicester or anywhere else in the UK, we encourage businesses to reach out and contact us for more information.