Digital Hand Sanitiser Displays

Combines an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser with a digital advertising / information screen.
Digital Hand-Sanitiser Advertising Display
Digital Hand Sanitiser Screen

Introducing our new commercial grade Digital Signage Sanitiser unit, a 22″ commercial display with USB content upload or our award winning squareVIEW DSA secure Digital Signage system and automatic hand sanitizer gel dispenser kills up to 99.99% of all known germs.

Our sleek, sturdy unit with easy refill has no buttons to press, the gel is automatically dispensed when a hand is placed in the receptacle. The sanitiser is compact, lightweight and has a sanitizer gel level indicator. The unit is so clever that when used in conjunction with our squareVIEW DSA content management system it can send an alert when gel level is running low.

Available as wall mount or with optional stand, the unit is designed to be located in areas where hygiene is key, and hand washing facilities are not available.

Hand Sanitiser Advertising Display in Gym
Hand Sanitiser Advertising Display in Gym
Hand Sanitiser with Digital Signage in Hospital
Hand Sanitiser with Digital Signage in Hospital

Hand sanitizer digital kiosks are the next logical step for keeping the public safe. From killing bacteria to being able to reach your audience with targeted messages better, the digital hand sanitizer kiosks offer organizations an all-in-one solution for getting their messages seen.

  • Internal automatic dispenser system
  • Built-in removable drip tray
  • Easy and secure sanitiser refill
  • Can dispense gel, liquid or foam
  • Built in USB media player for displaying videos, pictures
  • Full HD with bright 450cdm2 display
  • Optional upgrade to squareVIEW DSA for remote content update
  • 24/7 usage commercial grade components
  • Supports WiFi, hardwire or optional 3/4G connectivity
  • Touch screen screen upgrade
  • 3 year commercial warranty

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