Outdoor Screens installed at The Forum
75” FLOW - The Forum, Norwich
Digital Outdoor Display at Conwy Castle
46” FLOW Wall Mount, Conwy Castle, Wales
Weatherproof Digital Outdoor Screen in Scarborough
47” G6 Double sided touch – Scarborough Council
Digital Outdoor Sign in Town Centre
65” G6 Double sided – Haverhill Town Council

Outdoor Digital Signage – Outdoor Screens

Not a screen inside an enclosure. Custom built, weatherproof & vandal proof outdoor screen solutions

Trusted by globally recognised brands and government organisations such as Forestry England, Tarmac, GSK, CADW and Wales Millennium Centre, where downtime is not an option.

Outdoor digital displays are powerful communications platforms that enable one-way or interactive messaging of any digital content in any outdoor environment. Designed and hand built in Europe, our Outdoor Digital Totems can be found everywhere from town centres through to Car Parks throughout the whole of the UK and Europe. Applications vary from interactive Tourist Information Centre points and town centre advertising kiosks through to automated number plate recognition to assist in parking at airports.

Outdoor screens can be used for:

  • Advertising and promotional activities.
  • Stimulation of products and services sales.
  • Interactive way finding
  • Activities aimed to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Informing and entertaining target audiences.
  • Employee communications

Our Full HD LCD information displays are designed, developed and built in Europe, with the highest operational performance, safety and aesthetics as primary guidelines, all of which make for an attractive and engaging outdoor digital signage tool.

Whether you are searching for LCD displays capable of performing in sun exposed (full-outdoor) or sun protected (semi-outdoor) areas we have solution for you. If you want something special, no worries, we can build it for you. Our all weather digital outdoor signs can be well used for both, public interactive urban multimedia screens or highly visible advertising displays.

If you want to inform, entertain, promote and advertise to target audiences in a highly engaging visual and/or interactive fashion then our outdoor digital advertising platform is the right solution for you. And if you are searching for aesthetic, high reliability and high performance all weather LCD outdoor solutions, then our product range is just what you are searching for.

  • Purpose built for outdoor use with patented ECU technology
  • Typically <1% downtime per year means you can rely on us
  • Optimum temperature for the LCD display panel for ultimate longevity
  • Hermetically sealed ensures minimal fluctuation of core temperature ~22oC
  • Immunity to humidity and dust particles due to the advanced HVAC
  • Advanced automatic self monitoring & protection system
  • Automated health diagnosis takes over 380,000 readings taken daily

Visit our dedicated outdoor screens site for the most up to date information and specifications: outdoor-screens.co.uk

Outdoor Weatherproof Totems for WMC Cardiff

Above shows the original two 65″ Double Sided outdoor screens installed by us at the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff, Wales. These are high bright units with anti vandal coating and an aluminium core to protect it against the wind and sea air corrosion.

This is why our outdoor Digital Signage totems are unlike anything else on the market:

You can watch this video on YouTube by clicking here.

The most Northerly & Southerly locations for our outdoor units - Finland & Oman, temperatures range from -30c to +40c
The most Northerly & Southerly locations for our outdoor units – Finland & Oman, temperatures range from -30c to +40c

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