Digital Signage in Nottingham

Although we are based in West Yorkshire, we are nationwide company providing digital signage solutions all around the UK and have clients in most areas of England, Scotland and Wales. We have completed many successful digital signage projects in Nottingham and the surrounding area with all clients being highly satisfied due to the quality and reliability of our products and our comprehensive ongoing support. We would very much welcome more digital signage work in Nottingam and the surrounding area. Here are a few interesting projects we have carried out the area:

1. Mamas & Papas in Nottingham – Sensor based Digital Signage
We supplied and installed a 55″ interactive display screen at Mamas & Papas store in Nottingham. The content is shown in a loop then when a person comes within range the sensor detects them and changes the content to an interactive quiz. Based on the answers the user is then presented with a selection of products suitable for their lifestyle. After a period of inactivity the unit returns to playing promotions.

2. Mansfield Palace Theatre – Window Digital Posters
Mansfield Palace Theatre already had some digital window displays but they were barely legible on a cloudy day let alone direct sunlight – in direct sunlight they were not visible due to not being being bright enough and too reflective on the glass. We installed Ultra High Bright 55″ Window Displays to replace the old ones and these are easily readable in all lighting conditions.

Mansfield Palace Theatre Window Digital Sign

3. 47″ Double Sided Outdoor Screen on Mansfield Westgate
We installed one of our Double Sided 47″ Ultra High Bright Outdoor displays (that are weather and vandal proof) for Mansfield District Council to provide information for visitors to the town centre. Content is updated using our squareVIEW DS Digital Signage software connecting over a 4G cellular network allowing content to be managed from the Town Hall building by members of the marketing team. The aerial used for 3G/4G & WiFi connectivity is a heavy duty commercial grade product, protected against UV degradation.
The High Bright totems are town centre proof as well as being able to handle temperatures from -40c to +55c. They are IP66 and IK10 rated. The units sit on concrete foundations and can handle strong wind loading as well as ‘weekend traffic’.

47" Double Sided Outdoor Display at Mansfield Westgate

We supply a full range of digital signage including outdoor screens, information screens, retail digital window displays, menu boards, digital easels, digital interactive whiteboards and more. We provide full support and can also provide screen hire. We would welcome enquiries from businesses around Nottingham or anywhere in the UK. Please contact us for more information.