Digital Hotel Technology

Connecting you to your guests, maximising revenue

Hospitality and hotel products

Engage with your customers from the moment they enter.

squareVIEW hospitality solutions mean your message will never be far from your guests.

Our attention grabbing hotel technology gives you the ability to connect with your customers the moment they arrive at your doorstep.

The smart yet easy to update Digital Easel welcomes guests and discreetly pushes promotions and other value add services whilst the go through the check in process. The mobile device is sturdy yet amazingly mobile. Your content, made up of photos, pictures and video, is uploaded using the secure USB slot or by incorporating our squareVIEW Digital Signage option.

Stylish Digital Menu Boards can replace the daily specials board or upsell using tempting image and High Definition video. The built in day parting feature gives you the power to only show the information that is pertinent to that time of day.

Meetings can be made more personal by using our Digital Room Booking Systems, display personalised welcome information on a high quality touch screen located outside each room. The intuitive interface allows the user to extend, cancel and even book use of the room for adhoc use. Linked back to your resources in Outlook, admin staff can see what is happening at a glance.

Our Digital Flipchart makes meetings more productive by being ready for use as soon as it is powered on. No PC, No Wires, No Fuss. The flip chart can have unlimited pages which can be created using the multi touch technology. Up to 4 attendees can use the board together with users of mobile devices connecting to the flip chart to show pictures, graphs and even add to the flip chart content from the comfort of their meeting room chair.

Benefits of using squareVIEW Digital Hotel Technology

Digital Easel

  • Replace traditional posters and signs
  • Modern, slick, minimalist appearance, absolute focus of attention
  • No IT network required, simply update using USB
  • Mobile solution so only power required

Digital Flip Chart

  • Easy to use, just turn it on, no PC or projectors to wait for
  • Collaborate using finger or pen technology up to 4 users
  • Annotate content & even link mobile phones & tablets
  • Easy to export notes to a USB memory stick for later use

Digital Menu Board

  • Replace traditional light box menus
  • Available in range of sizes and portrait / landscape
  • Centrally managed or simply update using USB
  • Built in on/off timers for eco friendy use

Digital Room Booking System

  • 5″ Touch screen display links to Outlook Diary information
  • Brand the display for a truly personalised meeting experience
  • Extend, book, cancel and modify meetings from the display
  • Automatically switches on and off around your business hours

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