Exterior Digital Signage Solutions

Elevate your outdoor communication with our cutting-edge exterior digital signage solutions. From high-impact advertising to dynamic information dissemination, our outdoor displays are designed to captivate audiences and enhance engagement. With robust weatherproof construction and vibrant display technology, our external digital signage is built to withstand the elements while delivering impactful messages day and night. Explore our range of outdoor display options and unlock the power of digital communication in outdoor environments.

Llanfairfechan Outdoor Display screen TV

Differences Between Exterior and Interior Digital Signage

Exterior and interior digital signage serve distinct purposes and face unique challenges. While interior displays focus on engaging audiences within controlled environments, exterior signage must withstand harsh weather conditions and capture attention amidst outdoor distractions. Exterior displays typically feature higher brightness levels, weatherproof construction, and robust protection against vandalism, ensuring visibility and durability in outdoor settings. In contrast, interior displays prioritise high-resolution visuals, interactive features, and seamless integration with indoor environments to deliver immersive experiences. Understanding these differences is crucial for selecting the right digital signage solution to meet your specific needs and objectives.

Weatherproof Digital Outdoor Screen in Scarborough
47” G6 Double sided touch – Scarborough Council


At Digital Media Systems we are dedicated to providing the best exterior digital signage solutions for your unique needs. All our external display screens are extremely durable, vandal proof and can deliver high perfomance in all types of extreme weather and conditions. For more information please see our Outdoor Digital Signage page or contact us.