Digital Signage in Huddersfield / Halifax

We are based in Elland, West Yorkshire near Huddersfield and Halifax but cover the whole of the UK and our digital signage solutions can be found in most regions from Southern England right up to the North of Scotland. Of course we have many clients closer to home in West Yorkshire with a variety of screen types being used including information screens, retail digital window displays, outdoor screens and menu boards. Here are a few of projects we have carried out in Huddersfield and Halifax:

1. Outdoor Digital Signage at Piece Hall, Halifax
We supplied and installed 2 outdoor totems at Piece Hall, Halifax. As with all our digital outdoor screens they are robust, vandal proof and easily able to operate in extreme weather conditions. The project has been a great success with the screens providing a modern contrast to historical architecture and providing a superb viewing experience for visitors to Halifax.

Outdoor Screen Piece Hall, Halifax 1

2. Transparent Window Display in Halifax
This project involved installing a transparent LED window display in the shop front of a local builders in Halifax. With the display screen being transparent it allowed promotional material to be displayed without compromising on natural light. We actually now have an improved product that we would use if we if we were doing this project today – transparent LED film performs the same function but the display screen appears to be part of the actual window.

Ploughcroft Transparent LED Glass Advertising window screen Montage

3. Transparent LED Window Display in Huddersfield
Another transparent LED window display but this time at an estate agents in Huddersfield. The truVIEW transparent display has enabled them to maximise their product campaigns utilising dynamic promotional content whilst maintaining a natural light source. Again with this project transparent LED film would be the product of choice if we were doing this project today.

We supply, install and support a full range of digital signage products including outdoor screens, information screens, retail digital window displays, menu boards, digital easels, digital interactive whiteboards and more. We can also provide screen hire. We would welcome enquiries from businesses around Huddersfield / Halifax or anywhere in the UK. Please contact us for more information.

To veiw more projects around the UK please visit our Digital Signage in England/UK page.