Digital Posters at The Forum Norwich
The Forum – Norwich
Digital Posters Warehouse Retail Leeds
Warehouse Retail - Leeds
Digital Posters St Georges Hospital
St Georges Hospital – Wandsworth, London
Digital Posters H.Samuel Manchester
H.Samuel – Manchester

squareVIEW Digital Posters

Powerful, affordable & easy to update

Are you still using a pin board with push-on letters?
Is nobody taking note of the message you’re trying to get across?
Stale and unattractive communications methods within your company?
Do you have boring and static welcome message for visitors?

squareVIEW stand alone Digital Posters are used for numerous applications such as displaying products & adverts, menus, employee communications and welcome messages. squareVIEW Digital Posters are used when content doesn’t need to be updated remotely or network infrastructure is not available.

Our standalone Digital Posters are commercial grade High Definition LCD displays that are stylish to look at, quick to install, affordable and designed to display high quality content that can be scheduled or looped. Sizes range from 19″ to 82″ wall mountable in portrait or landscape orientation. All our displays show content that originates in Full HD.

Unlike expensive Digital Signage solutions no computer is attached to the Digital Poster. Your content is loaded on to the internal memory of the screen by using a USB memory stick.  All processing is carried out by the built in media player!

Because our Digital Posters are assembled using commercial grade panels and components, they are capable of working 24 hours a day, unlike a normal consumer TV screen which is designed for a few hours of use per day. The stylish edge to edge glass with no plastic bezel gives the unit a modern, iPad style look. There are no buttons, switches or USB ports that can be played with. Everything is accessed under a lockable cover. They are supplied with a flat wall mount, 4gb of internal memory, scheduling software and user manual – in fact all you need to provide is the power and the content.

You can create eye catching presentations using pictures, video, Power Point, scrolling ticker text and even MP3 music. Multiple pages of content will loop at the speed that you decide. All our displays show content that originates in Full HD.

When the screen is switch on it automatically starts playing your content. You can set the play order and interval time of each slide and start and stop times, giving you complete control over every aspect of your digital presentation.

Our hugely popular range of LCD and LED displays are purpose built to operate as digital posters suitable for applications in retail; public service such as hospitals, financial institutions and places of entertainment such as a gym or cinema.

If you have an application where a continuous display of images, video or text is required and where the content is only changed occasionally but with ease, then this is a very cost effective solution.

Benefits of squareVIEW Digital Posters

  • Replace traditional posters and signs
  • Modern, slick, minimalist appearance, absolute focus of attention
  • No IT network required, simply update using USB
  • Highly competitively priced
  • Easy to use, just turn it on, no computer required
  • Runs still pictures, video, scrolling tickers and MP3 music
  • Easy to copy files through USB port
  • Automatically switches on and off around your business hours
  • Supplied with Scheduling software for full flexible control of content
  • Supplied with secure, flat, super slim bracket
  • USB & other connections under secure lockable slot
  • Can be upgraded to squareVIEW Network or Enterprise if required

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