squareVIEW DSA Digital Signage
squareVIEW DSA Digital Signage
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squareVIEW DSA / CMS Content
squareVIEW DSA / CMS Content
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squareVIEW DSA / CMS

squareVIEW DSA is our powerful Digital Signage solution built for the Android platform. Using our robust High Definition media player hardware, with finely tuned Android OS, squareVIEW DSA allows you to quickly create, manage content, playlists and schedules from anywhere in the world.

DSA Cloud Management
Built & hosted on secure Amazon Web Servers, DSA provides you with the tools to quickly & easily manage your display network throughout the whole of your estate. Multiple users can manage different aspects of the displays based on the permissions given to them.

Full HD Media
The DSA media player can play any full HD .MP4 or .JPG content with absolutely no interruption.

Powerful Scheduling
squareVIEW DSA offers multiple tools to allow you customise your playlist with the highest level of detail.

3G/4G and WiFi Modules
Use the 3G/4G option for connectivity when WiFi or Ethernet is not available. Ideal for remote or outdoor locations.

24/7 Usage
Built with commercial grade components the DSA media player is designed to run 24/7.

squareVIEW DSA Content Updating-

Create content using your preferred graphics software such as Photoshop or even PowerPoint. DSA supports fully animated content using the .MP4 file format or if you prefer Static content, use .JPG images. Utilise the new widgets to include web based content such as social media, weather, clock and RSS feeds.

Upload to the DSA cloud

Upload your content to the secure DSA Cloud server & create scheduled playlists as required.

Schedule and send

Select which displays you want to update and press the update button.
The targeted displays will be updated discreetly in the background, with no interruption to what is currently being shown.
Enjoy your new content.

More detailed information and technical data is available in the following document: DMS-squareVIEW-DSA-Intro.pdf
OR contact us for more information.

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