e-Paper Digital Bus Stops

Battery & Solar powered e-Ink bus stop signs for passenger information.
e-paper Digital Bus Stop
e-Paper Signage travel information

Replace traditional static bus timetables to provide user friendly service information including arrival times, schedules, routes, traffic updates and more. Using electronic ink (e-ink / e-Paper) displays make it easy to deploy transport information boards city-wide, lowering implementation costs and decreasing operational work & costs.

Our e-ink (e-Paper) technology is designed from the ground up to be used in outdoor environments with IP67 rating, so built to withstand weather, vandals, brake dust and much more. They can be retrofit to existing bus stop poles and communicate over 4G/5G networks with existing backend timetabling systems.

e-ink bus stop displays don’t require mains power as they are connect to a solar panel & rechargeable battery. The ePaper displays have no glare and sustain high-end visibility even in direct sunlight so are easy to read in all conditions. The eInk displays have LED lighting, that can change colour, to make the content even more legible for passengers.

This solar powered solution has been designed to react to real-time and context-specific needs for information no matter its source, forming a crucial part of a truly Smart City.

The easily adaptable Urban can display all sorts of dynamic and engaging real-time information tailored to the individual, enabling real-time responses to challenges. This not only includes real time bus schedules, but also anything from emergency alerts and security notices, tourist information, interactive way-finding, weather updates, location and time specific ads and more.

Connect passenger, processes, data  and events, translating information into better public services and happier living.

You really can’t ask more of an electronic paper sign.

Electronic Paper Bus Stop
e-Ink Electronic Bus Stop

Some of the advantages of using e-link digital bus stops include:

  • No mains power requirements, use Solar & Battery, perfect green solution.
  • Ultra low power consumption. Only uses power when updating content.
  • 99% more power efficient than comparable LCD or LED technologies.
  • Can be retrofit to most existing bus shelters & posts.
  • Weather & Vandal proof IP67 rated units.
  • Paperlike daytime readability. Even in direct sunlight. No glare, no shine.
  • Live arrival times and advanced passenger information.
  • Update over 4G/5G. Targeted or all locations at once.
  • Decrease resources. No need to physically visit the stop to make changes
  • Ideal for targeted advertising / revenue generation.

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