How do you assess your Digital Signage Performance

Digital signage is an effective way to convey information and advertise good and services but how do you know how well your digital signage is performing. Obviously if a digital sign is in a prominent position in a busy location it is going to be seen by more people than the same sign in a quieter or less prominenent location. However, it is not just the number of people who could potentially see the sign that is important – the real question we are asking in this article is how many people actually engage with the digital signage and to what degree? Also of great interest is the demographics of the people who give attention to the digital content.

Digital Signage Audience Analytics

All the data we need can now be collected using an audience analytics platform. Here are the key features:

1. Using a small video device and software it collects data on who has engaged with the sign and for how long.

2. Data is collected on footfall, age, gender, movement and engagement to identify not only numbers of people engaging but a breakdown of the demographics of the people engaging.

3. By tracking the audience’s mobile phones we can distinguish between new and repeat audiences and understand return rate, duration and more.

4. Once the data is processed it allows us to understand our audience and assess the performance of advertising campaigns. By varying the content of digital adverts we can assess which adverts perform best and which audiences engage with which adverts.

Digital Advert Audience AnalyticsBy using an audience measurement system businesses/organisations can assess the performance of individual digital signage installations as well as the performance of the content. This means they can target their adverts/information better and also try out different content to see which is the most effective.

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