Doggy DOOH campaign warms hearts: Westfield Stratford

Doggy DOOH campaign warms hearts: Westfield Stratford

Digital Signage Ogilvy Looking For You

Digital signage took the old saw about stray dogs — “He followed me home; can we keep him?” — to an entirely new place earlier this year in the U.K.
Battersea Dogs & Cats Home animal shelter earlier this year launched a clever digital out-of-home activation with OgilvyOne U.K. that saw an on-screen dog following passersby around the Westfield Stratford City mall in East London, going from screen to screen as people neared each display.

The #Lookingforyou campaign was developed and created by customer engagement agency OgilvyOne UK in collaboration with Exterion Media. The objective of the campaign was to highlight Battersea Dogs & Cats Home’s continued mission to rehome its dogs, using innovative technology to engage emotionally with passing shoppers, according to the OlgilyOne website.

People visiting Westfield Stratford City were handed specially designed leaflets containing an RFID tag by shelter volunteers. Then, as they walked past the outdoor billboards around the shopping center, the leaflet activated Barley — a former Battersea shelter dog — on the screen and interacted with them. RFIDiom and Exterion Media collaborated with OgilvyOne U.K. to provide the technical solution.

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