Contactless Charity Donations Anywhere!

We are working on combining contactless donation box technology with outdoor digital signage to produce an outdoor donation facility that can deployed in remote areas subject extreme weather conditions.

Features include:

1. Outdoor digital sign with content of your choice that can easily be updated.

2. Contactless donation pad programmed to take various donations. People can simply use the pad to select the amount they wish to donate then use their credit/debit card to donate.

3. Both the screen and pad are rugged and designed to operate in extreme weather conditions and are also vandal proof. The screens are high bright and have exactly the same high specifications and build quality as as our outdoor screens.

This technology can be used for any type of donations such as donations for a charity, contributions to the upkeep of the attractions and many other good causes.

We will post more detailed information shortly when our first live installation is complete.