Combine Hand Sanitiser with Digital Advertising and Signage

In these unprecedented times of Covid-19 it is essential that businesses and shops provide antibacterial hand gel for their customers and staff to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. Automatic dispensers are the ideal solution as the user doesn’t have to touch anything to get the gel and very convenient. We now offer digital hand sanitiser displays which combine an automatic sanitiser dispenser with digital signage in one unit.

Hand Sanitiser Advertising Display in Gym

Some of the features/advantages of digital hand sanitisers:

1. Protect your customers/workers and give them confidence by offering a convenient and visible sanitising facility.

2. Save space by combining hand sanitiser dispenser with digital advertising or information display.

3. Users attention will easily be caught by your digital signage as they sanitise their hands.

4. Automatic dispensing of gel, liquid or foam – easy to refill.

5. The digital content is easy to the update.

For more information please view our digital hand sanitiser page.