Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Systems with Digital Signage

After almost 2 decades of implementing digital signage solutions, advances in technology have seen digital signage solutions become more sophisticated with digital screens interfacing with other technologies. One such example is with our Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems that automate the entry / exit process for car parks, storage facilities, logistics warehouses and much more. A typical ANPR system will read and validate a number plate then lift a barrier and also display relevant personalised information on a digital display. The display units can be freestanding or mounted onto walls/posts. Power is required while communications can be over the 4G/5G mobile networks. Below we show 2 examples of ANPR systems we have implemented.

ANPR Car Parking System with Outdoor Displays around Glasgow Airport

This project involved installing our 47″ full weather and vandal proof digital outdoor screens at a number of offsite car parks around Glasgow Airport combined with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems. When a customer approaches the barrier, the ANPR reads the vehicle number plate and triggers the display to show personalised parking space information. The barrier then lifts to allow the customer to park in their allocated bay.

Two Outdoor weatherproof totems

Sites with multiple entry lanes have their own Digital Totems running individual triggers. The units are anchored to concrete foundations and power and data is taken directly into the unit. The vandal resistant design ensures that entry points to the unit are not easily visible. The outdoor totems are designed to run from -20c to +45c with their advance thermal management and health monitoring they provide a robust solution for the customer.

Pink Self Storage – 46″ ANPR triggered access Outdoor Display

Pink Self Storage sites around South Wales utilise our ANPR triggered access control systems with Digital Signage Screens used to display salient information to the customer. Examples include account health, H&S information, location number of storage room etc. The ANPR system reads the number plate of the approaching vehicle and then displays the customers account status eg. Account up to date / Payments overdue / update contact information and so on. This helps remind the customer of certain things to complete. If the account is severely overdue, then the gate will not open.

This helps Pink Storage run an effective self storage solution with many of the admin tasks being automated by ANPR integration. In return overheads are reduced due to the ANPR link with the account management system.

Shipping containers with Digital Signage screen in front. blue sky and Cardiff Stadium in background.

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