Transparent LED Film

Revolutionary Self Adhesive Colour Transparent LED Film turns any window into an eye-catching display with no loss of light.
Transparent LED Film
Curved Transparent LED Film
Self Adhesive Transparent LED Film
Flexible Size Transparent LED Film

Colour Transparent LED film can transform a normal window into an eye-catching display very quickly and with very little effort. It is self-adhesive so can easily be attached to the surfaces of existing window glass wihout the need for any complicated installation. It displays a wide range of colors using a 24 mm pitch and can be extended to display an entire video or pictures in which various colors combinations are possible. It is perfect for large displays meant to flaunt logos or animations for a crowd.

The size and layout of the film can be customized to fit in to the installation area. It can be expanded by adding more films in a vertical or horizontal way, or cut in parallel with the bezel to meet size requirements. The transparent LED film supports curvatures up to 1,100R Convex and Concave for curved glass or window applications. This allows installation in a wider range of venues. The screens have UV protection to ensure they maintain vibrancy even when installed in outward facing windows. When the display is switched off the LED film is invisible and the window looks like a normal window.

The LED films are connected unobrusively to a media player. There are various options for handling content – please contact us for more information.

Colour Transparent LED Film

The Features of Transparent LED Film

Colour and transparency

Offers the perfect balance of vibrancy and transparency with a range of 1.7million colours and brightness honed for indoor and nighttime use. Ambient or direct light passes through unimpeded and when the display is off, its presence on glass is unnoticeable.

Flexible design

Can be deployed on curved glass and sizing is flexible as panels can be added vertically or horizontally and the film can be cut parallel to the bezel. The screens have UV protection to ensure they maintain vibrancy even when installed in outward facing windows.

Easy to use

Transparent LED Film is incedibly easy to use. There is no complicated construction needed. The film’s adhesion makes installation low impact. Content can be played through the on-board media player or through an integrated digital signage platform.

Transform your window into an impressive display with very simple installation: 01484 588895