Whiteboards and Flip Charts have gone Digital

The traditional meeting room white board and flip chart can now be replaced by digital versions which have many benefits.

Interactive digital whiteboards allow multiple users to connect and then display content (spreadsheets, documents, etc), annotate, draw, write and more but add in the wireless element of today’s interactive whiteboards and users can connect with their own devices. This means there is no time wasted setting things up at the beginning of the meeting and with everyone having access to the board simultaneously the meeting will be more productive. As well as for meetings interactive whiteboards are great for brainstorming sessions, classroom interactions and more. Afterwards unwanted content can easily be erased and modified content can be quickly saved to either a device or USB memory stick and distributed electronically.

More information on interactive whiteboards can be found on our Interactive Whiteboard page.

Screen with PC tablet and smartphoneDigital flip charts are very similar to electronic whiteboards but are used more for presentations. Create new pages or bring your notes, pictures and illustrations on USB and annotate them using a pen or your finger. Once again setting up is very quick especially with a wireless system and afterwards there is no issue of shredding sensitive content and content can be saved and distibuted easily.

For more information on digital flip charts see our Digital Flip Chart page.

There is no doubt this technology will be used more and more and become the normal way that meetings and presentations are conducted.