What are Digital Easels?

In simple terms a digital easel is basically a lightweight portable free standing digital sign and is so named because it’s frame and support legs resemble those of a traditional easel. Digital easels can be moved very easily so are useful for temporary displays or where there is a requirement to move them around, for example a shop may have one outside it’s doorway but need to move it inside at closing time. Other places where they may be found are hotel foyers and receptions, restaurants, meeting rooms (for presentations) and anywhere where portability is important or space is tight.

Digital Media Systems supply 42″ digital easels with full HD commercial grade display that are stylish but tough and sturdy. They are easy to update via USB so no PC is needed but there are also more advanced options including update via network connectivity/wifi or update via cloud/central management with squareVIEW DSA.

For more information and full details please see our digital easels page.