Invisible Transparent LED Film: turn an existing window into a digital display.

One of the latest developments in digital signage is a transparent colour LED film that has the ability to turn any window or glass surface into a digital canvas. Transparent glass displays are nothing new but these LED films are different in that they are self-adhesive and simply stick to an existing window so there is no complex installation. When the display is switched on the window can display eyecatching videos, animation or images while still allowing through light but when switched off the window looks like a normal window with the LED film invisible.

Transparent LED Film

At just 1.5mm thin the transparent LED film delivers a wide range of colours on the 24 mm pixel pitch display. It is easy to install (requiring minimal construction) on any existing glass surface using its self-adhesive transparent film. The LED film can display pictures, animation and videos while maintaining transparency with various color combinations, making it ideal for indoor and window-facing areas with large glass surfaces such as retail storefront windows.

Colour Transparent LED Film

The use of colour transparent LED film is well suited in large public areas where it can convert ordinary glass into stunning, eye-catching digital signage displays, either for advertising of for infomational displays. It can even work on curved glass making it even more versatile. The size and layout of the film can be customized to fit in to the installation area. It can be expanded by adding more films in a vertical or horizontal way, or cut in parallel with the bezel to meet size requirements.

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