Things to consider when choosing your Digital Signage provider

For most businesses looking at getting a digital signage solution keeping down the cost is a high priority. However it is even more important to get high quality support for your digital signage installation as inadequate support or unreliable hardware/software could jeopardise the success of your digital signage and adversely affect your business. Here are some things to consider when choosing your digital signage provider.

1. Does the supplier include or offer a full support service?
Some suppliers may focus their efforts on supplying high volumes of digital signage hardware and software and offer no or limited support. They may well be able to provide your solution a lot cheaper but there is more chance of something going wrong and if it does the problems will not be sorted out. This means your business will suffer and you will probably end up paying a lot of money for the problems to be resolved. When you invest in digital signage, you’re not only investing in screens and software, you’re investing in the expertise and support of your digital signage vendor.

Outdoor Screens installed at The Forum
75” FLOW – The Forum, Norwich

2. How long has your supplier been in business?
If a digital signage supplier has been in business for a large number of years it is more likely they have the expertise required and can provide the quality of support you need. If they have survived in the digital signage industry market it is a good sign that they provide quality products and solid customer support plus their knowledge of costs and lead times are likely to be realistic.

3. Does the supplier have a large customer list and case studies?
If a supplier has a lot of long standing customers (including some big brand names) it is a strong indicator that they have expertise and provide good support. Case studies showcase their work and give evidence of versatility plus reaffirm the quility of their products and support. It may even be possible for you to contact previous customers for feedback on the digital signage provider.

National Express Stansted Airport Screens

4. Does the supplier offer all the services you need?
As well as wanting screens, hardware and support you may also need other services. You will want a full installation service but you may also need help with creating content for your system. You can use a different company to help you with content creation but it is easier if one company can supply al the services you need.

There are other factors to consider such as lead times, whether the company can deliver on time, whether they provide training for using the system and of course price. Ultimately, though the quality of the system and the quality of the support are the most important factors.

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