Scala, Brightsign and squareVIEW DSA Compared


Scala Digital Signage is an American based enterprise Digital Signage solution made up of a number of component applications.
Content manager software is the centre of a custom digital signage network. It gives you the ability to manage content on any number of screens. The Enterprise platform from Scala consists of Content Manager, Designer, Designer Cloud and the Scala Player. These components work seamlessly together to create a powerful digital experience limited only by your creativity. Scala Digital Signage requires a lot of training and is a complex solution requiring full time users to ensure the system is used effectively. Scala is an expensive solution but can be used to build complex solutions.


Brightsign is another American Digital Signage company and have multiple software components to create a playout.
BrightAuthor is a PC-based software is used for creating, updating, managing and monitoring digital signage displays. The visual-based interface enables users to create full-screen or multi-zone playlists for looping displays containing image, video and even HTML5 content. The issue is this Authoring software has to be installed on a Windows PC, so can’t be accessed from any location, without access to the PC with the software installed on it.

The BrightSign player has to sit on custom made BrightSign players so you could be tied into the ecosystem.


squareVIEW DSA is our secure cloud based Digital Signage solution, a powerful successor to the now legacy squareVIEW DS.
squareVIEW is used in many different industries including Food Service/QSR, Retail, Stadiums, Internal Communications, Theatres, Councils and Medical. We have consistently been selected by world-class customers including; Coca Cola, Apple and many others, winning praise for our technical customer support and reliable systems.

We operate a transparent business model providing; hosting, storage and technical support that is an all-inclusive service, chargeable as a licence per player. Our customers have the flexibility to apply squareVIEW pricing model by having the choice to purchase 1, 3 lifetime licences up front. Other options are also available.

Once you have chosen squareVIEW as your digital signage platform we can help all organisations with our training packages, always tailored for your needs. squareVIEW DSA can be installed on displays including LCD, LED, Outdoor Screens and other formats which make it a flexible solution. Our headquarters are located in the UK along with the technical support team.

For more information on squareVIEW DSA or any aspects of digital signage please contact us.