Digital Screens in UK Petrol stations.

Car filling station with advertising screens
Digital screens for advertising products & offers to the public filling up with fuel. Daylight viewable & guaranteed not to go black in direct sunlight. Content is deployed & managed using squareVIEW DSA Digital Signage software from a central location.


Petrol Stations Digital Signage screen in window
Petrol Stations Digital Signage Screens in window and in store. Designed to upsell to consumers waiting to pay for fuel. Digital Signs allow the network operator to quickly create or change & then deploy offers to any screens throughout their estate.


The customer approached Digital Media Systems to provide a secure, reliable Digital Signage solution that would allow them to control content design, deployment and management of the whole screens from a central location. The squareVIEW DSA solution was chosen to meet the brief as it was secure cloud based with multi user capability. The Digital Signage players are built into the screen and so the TCO is lower.

Adverts consisting of pictures, video, web, weather etc can be sent to the Digital Screens from any location. Once sent the system plays content as per the schedule required by each individual store.

Screens display can be broken down into multiplpe zones and content can change based on environmental triggers such as the weather, advertising suncream, ice lollies and hats when it is sunny (rarely) or gloves, anti freeze and sand when icey or cold.

squareVIEW DSA is a secure clouad based Digital Signage Solution that is deployed throughout Europe and controls content shown on over 1200 Digital Screens, indoor and outdoor.

Digital Signage at National Express Coach Station – Bristol
Orega Serviced offices reception signs