Bradford Council 95″ Screen Hire

Our screen hire service provided digital screens in Bradford for showing the composition of location & national election data. Connected via 100m HDMI distribution to the data teams laptops, the screens were installed 1 day before the elections and removed after the count had been completed. This mission critical screen requirement had to ensure there was no downtime for the displays or the PA system for announcing the results.

Two 95" LED displays for Bradford Council elections.

As part of the 2016 local elections, Digital Media Systems installed a number of massive 95″ Large Format Displays for Bradford Council. The displays were an integral part of the councils vision to share information for the visitors to the counting halls and the TV audience. The commercial displays were installed the day of the elections with 100m+ cable runs for live information to be transmitted to them. Live casts were shown on the web for the TV / online audience.

Skyler London – Internal Digital Signage
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