Have Digital Menu Boards reached critical mass?

Have Digital Menu Boards reached critical mass?

Digital Menu Board Masses

Digital signage is becoming increasingly common in both quick service and fast casual restaurants, as digital menu boards, as order confirmation and promotion boards and even in the drive-thru.
So for this month’s “Ask the experts” feature, we asked Jeff Pinc, director of food services for Panasonic System Communications Co. of North America, “Have digital menu boards reached critical mass?”

Here’s what he had to say:
Q: Are digital menu boards, or digital signage in restaurants, reaching critical mass?

Pinc: I would say I think it depends on the way you look at digital signage. If you’re talking about in a traditional QSR market space — behind the counter, up on the ceiling, in the inside of the building — I would say there’s still room for growth. But a lot of the major brands have already started down that path, some of them are well down that path. But there [are] still some brands that have not adopted indoor digital menu boards, so it has not reached critical mass. There’s still quite a bit of room for growth.

More information can be found on our Digital Menu Board page.

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