Digital Signage Solutions Explained

It is well known that digital signage solutions have a variety of benefits, the main one being that digital signs offer much better communication than old fashioned signs and posters. Content is more eye-catching and can be updated easily which makes it more efficicient and cost effective. Being able to update the screen content is hugely important and there are different methods for how our digital signage screens can be updated. Here we will explain this in simple terms so customers can make the best choice to suit their needs.

Our squareVIEW Digital Signage solutions are available in three configurations depending on how you wish to update the screen content:

1. squareVIEW Standalone: This solution has a built in high definition media player which is updated using a USB memory stick. These ‘all-in-one’ commercial grade digital screens are easy to update but require you to do so directly onto the units so are ideal where content does not need to be updated remotely or network access is not available. This solution offers a cost saving over the 2 other solutions available.

2. squareVIEW Network: For those who need to update content regularly or have a number of screens on a network this solution is ideal.
The easy to use, Drag ‘n’ Drop, Composer software gives you the power to create eye catching and dynamic content and then you can distribute the content to any of your screens on your network. From your desk you can update your screens immediately or schedule to play content in the future. This a powerful solution but very easy and convenient.

3. squareVIEW DSA: This is a secure cloud based solution and is a great solution if you have lots of displays in different locations. You upload content to a secure portal, create or edit a playlist and target & deploy content to any number of displays anywhere in the country, continent or the world! This can be done from anywhere using any internet enabled device. There is a powerful management console that allows numerous authorised users to securely collaborate on projects before publishing to the displays wherever they are – a very powerful digital signage solution indeed!

For more information see our Digital Signage page or contact us.