Digital Signage and Technology in Hotels

Digital Signage is quite commonplace in today’s world and comes in many different forms such as digital menu boards, digital totem displays, digital whiteboards, etc. Most businesses/organisations can benefit from digital signage in one form or other but hotels and hospitality can benefit in lots of different ways – in fact digital signage technology can transform their businessses allowing them to engage with customers from the moment they arrive and maximise revenue.

Digital Signage in Hotels1. When guests arrive they are can be welcomed with smart Digital Easels which discreetly push promotions and other value add services whilst they check in. The digital easels, which replace traditional posters and signs, can be moved very easily but are very sturdy. The content can be updated very easily by secure USB slot or remotely using our squareVIEW Digital Signage option. Content can consist of various media including text, images and video.

2. Stylish Digital Menu Boards can replace the daily specials board and can upsell using tempting image and high definition video. The menu boards are easy to update and can be programmed to show different content at different times of the days so you only show information that is relevant to that time of day.

3. Our Digital Room Booking Systems cans can make meetings more personal by displaying personalised welcome information on a high quality touch screen located outside each room. The intuitive interface allows the meeting organiser to extend, cancel and even book use of the room for adhoc use. All information can be viewed easily by hotel admin staff.

4. Meetings can be made more productive by using our Digital Flipcharts which can be ready for use as soon as powered on. The flip chart can have unlimited pages which can be created using the multi touch technology. Up to 4 attendees can use the board together with users of mobile devices connecting to the flip chart to show pictures, graphs and even add to the flip chart content from the comfort of their meeting room chair. Easy to use, just turn it on, no PC or projectors to wait for!

All the above digital signage will enhance the experience of hotel guests and also lead to increased revenue.

For more information vist our Digital Hotel Technology page.