Digital Outdoor Advertising Screens – the way to go!

Advertising via the use of advertising boards and posters on high streets and in other busy outdoor locations has been around for a long time and has been very effective as the advertisements are postioned to be easily seen by people walking or driving past them. Advertising using digital signage has become popular in recent years and with the development of weatherproof and vandal proof outdoor screens more and more digital outdoor advertising screens have appeared outside in busy place. So what are the benefits of digital outdoor advertisements?

1. More noticeable and eye-catching.
Outdoor digital screens are brighter and more noticeable than normal static advertisement boards so people will be more likely to notice them and it is much more likely that the advertiser will get their message across. Outdoor screens are designed to be highly visible in both bright sunlight and in dark conditions with the brightness automatically adjusting to the light conditions.

Touch screen Weather and vandal proof Digital Signage totem display screen 47 inch

2. Multiple advertisements can be shown on one board
Instead of just one advertisement being shown as when using a traditional board or poster, multiple adverts can be shown one after another. The adverts could be for different companies so the advertising cost is shared or they could be for the same company showing different products/events or related content. Also, outdoor digital advertisements screens allow different advertisements to be shown at different times of the day and on different days.

3. Movement, video and special effects
As well as being able to loop through different adverts and content, outdoor digital screens also allow far more interesting and eye-catching content to be shown. Movement in the form of animation (such as moving or flashing text), special effects and video will catch people’s attention and also be more likely to keep their attention and get the message across.

Weatherproof Digital Outdoor Screen in Scarborough
47” G6 Double sided touch – Scarborough Council

4. Content can be updated quickly and easily.
With the old style advertising boards you see on hight streets, every time the advert is changed it involves someone physically having to go to the board and do something eg. change the board, paste on a new poster, etc. With digital advertisement screens this can be all be done instantly and in most cases from a computer anywhere. This makes it easy to switch adverts easily and react quickly if changes are suddenly needed or wanted.

It can be seen that there are many advantages to digital outdoor advertising screens but there are challenges – the screens need to ba able to withstand extreme conditions and temperatures and also be vandal proof. Luckily there are outdoor screens built to cope with these challenges but it’s important to ensure you choose high quality screens fit for purpose and that they are installed properly. For more information on outdoor advertisement screens please visit our outdoor screens page.