Design Tips to make the most of your Digital Menu Boards

It is accepted that digital menu boards in takeaways, restaurants and other food/drink outlets are essential nowadays. They look attractive, eye-catching and very welcoming and are also an essential part of the branding of the outlet as they are instantly recognizable. They make the menu items more appealing and will lead to an increase in your sales. But to get the maximum benefit and return from them you must make sure that you get the look and design right. Here are some tips to ensure you make the most of your menu boards:

1. Keep thinks simple so customers can easily see what is available. This is especially important when trying to attract customers who are passing by or having a casual look. The content should be eye-catching and make the food look appealing but the text of the menu items should be easy to read so people can quickly see what’s on offer.

2. Use high quality images to make food look more appealing. This may seem obvious but many outlets use amateurish or poor quality photos and the result is unappealing and will not maximise sales. Use a professional graphic designer who can add some effects (eg. steam coming off hot food) to make the images more realistic and delicious looking.

3. Choose background colours carefully so text, images and videos will stand out well. Lighter backgrounds will be brighter so these design will be generally more noticeable or if you use a darker background you may have to turn up the screen brightness.

4. Using transitions and video can offer good effects and show promotions/adverts well but ensure all your key content is always showing as you do not want to confuse customers while they are choosing or ordering.

5. Include your brand colors and logo on your displays to create a lasting impression on your customers.

Digital Menu Screens at Philpotts Food Outlet
Philpotts – Manchester

There are may other things to consider when designing the content for your digital menu boards but the above covers some the basic tips. For information on digital menu boards see our Menu Boards page and for our digital content creation and design service click here.