Demand for Digital Signage Hire

Here at Digital Media Systems we offer digital signage rental in additiion to supplying permanently installed digital screens and recently we have found the demand for screen hire has increased substantially. This is mainly because organisers of events such as exhibitions and conferences have seen the benefits of using digital screens at their events. The benefits of digital signage have been discussed many times but briefly are:

1. Digital screens are more visible and eye-catching than traditional signage. Dynamic content with moving graphics will make them stand out even more.

2. More engaging and better for communication. With static signs there is a limit to the information they can contain but with digital displays the content can rotate through different content and contain video. This gets the informaton over more effectively and people engage better with it. This can be taken a step further with touch screens where attendees can interact with the screens.

3. Content is more flexible and can easily be updated. The content required to be displayed on signage may change throughout the event which is no problem when using digital screens as content can be updated at any time or programmed to show different content at specific times

4. Using high quality digital screens with slick looking content and graphics gives the event a much more professional feel than if static signs are used.

5. Cost effective and sustainable. High-quality traditional signage is expensive and may only be used once or a limited amount of times meaning cost per use is high. Many physical signs have to be disposed of after events whereas digital signs can be reused therefore using digital signage is a more sustainable option as well as cost effective.

Screen Hire IET London

As more event organisers see the benefits of digital signage they have also seen that hiring screens is a cost effective and convenient option. Purchasing screens wouldn’t be cost effective for a one off event and even for multiple events it would involve installing for each event and possible logistical issues. With our digital screen hire service everything is done by us so the organisers can spend their time concentrating on other aspects of the event. We can also help with creating the content for the event if required.

For more informtion on digital signage hire please visit our Screen Hire page.