Is Covid-19 Lockdown a good time to have Digital Signage installed?

It may be difficult times for businesses and organisations during this terrible Covid-19 pandemic but it could be the ideal time to invest in digital signage or upgrade your existing installation. While many businesses are struggling financially and may even be closed it would be no surprise if businesses didn’t want to spend money on anything. However, there are some good reasons why it may be a good time to invest in digital signage and why digital signage may be particularly useful during this pandemic:

1. If a business/organisation is closed it is an ideal time to undertake installation as there will be no disruption to business. Although we at Digital Media Systems always minimise disruption anyway when installing/upgrading digital signage it does make it easier when the premises are closed. It means we can take our time with the installations, there is less pressure and the client can take their time getting used to their new digital signs and playing around with the content.

2. During a crisis such as the Covid-19 pandemic there will be lots of important information that organisations have to convey to visitors at their premises. This information could be instructions, rules and regulations or similar and may change frequently as the pandemic changes. Digital signage is an ideal way to get the message over to visitors as it is more noticeable than other displays and it is quick and easy to update the information being displayed.

Hand Sanitiser with Digital Signage in Hospital

3. Minimise direct contact – some information give out by organisations may be physical material (eg. map or guide) but this material could be replaced by digital displays allowing people to see the same information but without any phyical contact. This minimises the risk on infection plus the content can be changed easily and saves paper so is environmentally friendly.

4. Encourage hygiene and social distancing both on premises and in public places. With hygiene being so important now, people can be reminded of this when they visit your premises via digital signs – they are eye catching and easy to update. Councils could also use them in public places to reinforce this message.

5. Digital signage and advertising has been proved to increase sales so businesses having digital signage installed during the pandemic ensure they are in a better position to recover when the pandemic eases by maximising sales.

It can be seen that in these difficult times of Covid-19, it is indeed a good time to consider installing/upgrading digital signage.

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