Benefits of Digital Advertising Screens

Digital signage can be used to communicate all types of information across many sectors but this article will concetrate on the benefits of using electronic displays for digital screen advertising. That is, replacing traditional static advertising boards with digital advertising screens.

Yankee Candle Digital Signage

1. Easy and quick to change content. Changing the content on traditional boards or signs is costly and takes time but with digital advertising signs you can change content easily, very quickly and as often as you wish. For a basic installation updating can be done via USB while more advanced installations allow remote updating via a network or remote update from antwhere via the cloud.

2. Vary and loop content. Digital advertising displays can be programmed to loop through various content and also display different content at different times, eg. a restaurant’s advertising screen can show breakfast and lunch advertisements in the morning and dinner advertisements later in the day. This can all be programmed in advance so there’s no need to update all the time but when you do want to update it is quick and easy.

3. Get the attention of potential customers. Designed properly, digital advertising signs will display high quality eye-catching content that grabs the attention of passersby and keeps them interested. Well designed HD quality content will be far more noticeable than static non-digital displays and even more so when you add in animation and video. If positioned where lots of people pass by (eg. on a busy street it could be an outdoor display or a screen in a shop window) or have to wait (eg. queue in a post office or at a railway station) then people will easily engage with the content.

4. Get’s your message across effectively. Having grabbed people’s attention, digital advertising displays allow a large audience to experience your brand and get a taste for your experience. Using attractive dynamic content or even video you can ensure that you get your message across – digital advertisements ensure people take in what they are viewing and that it leaves a lasting impression.

Digital Outdoor Sign in Town Centre
65” G6 Double sided – Haverhill Town Council

All the benefits above combined mean that digital advertising screens are very effective for advertising products and services. Of course to be successful it is essential that the correct hardware is used, is high quality and installed professionally. For outdoor advertising screens it is essential that the screens are specifically designed for outdoor use while advertising displays in shop windows are also specialised as they need to be clearly seen in bright sunny conditions.

For more information on digital advertising screens please visit our digital signage page or contact us. See also Outdoor Screens and Retail Digital Signage.