Be Creative with Square Digital Canvas

We are pleased to tell you about square digital canvas displays which are great for being creative and getting your message across. Here are just some of the features:

1. A true square display with 1:1 ratio and 1920 x 1920 resolution.

2. The screen measures 500mm by 500mm, is very slim at only 14mm thin and is very lightweight, weighing less than 5kg.

3. Anti-glare coated for no reflectivity, vivid colours and deep blacks and a true 178 degree viewing angle.

4. Built in Android OS allows the screen to work with our secure cloud based solution, squareVIEW DSA.

Digital Canvas Square Screen

As digital canvas screens are so thin and light it allows creative installations in shopping windows and narrow spaces. They can easily be hung from cables or mounted in a frame making them very versatile.

For more information on our square digital canvas displays please click here.